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I grew up like many many future makers, constantly doodling things or playing with toys that allow you to build things. I would especially enjoy drawing cartoon or video game characters or getting a new lego kit and immediately mix the parts with the legos I already had and build something entirely new. In the later years of growing up, I would pour over magazines and books, interested by the use of words and Images in advertisements, articles and stories. Then along would come the Web, and the many hours spent in front of a screen while accessing information about any subject that interested me. I guess you could say that I have always been interested in design, even before I knew it was called that.

I wouldn't begin to think of design as a career path until the later part of high school after taking a design course. I went on to study graphic design while earning degree in fine arts at Middle Tennessee State University, and have been doing design in serveral capacities ever since. Early in my career, much of my work consisted of print design. However, as I have taught myself how to code, I have transitioned to doing taking on a lot of web design work. I have also picked up a bit of experience doing motion graphics and video work. At the end of the day, I desire to utilize my talents, skills, and experience in a challenging environment that pushes me while putting my abilities to productive use designing and building solutions.

Graphic Design6 Years
Web Development3 Years
Marketing2 Years
Photography1 Year

My Experience


6 years


Owner Designer & Developer - Push Button Ideas

• Collaborate with clients, web developers, and other designers to create effective web sites
• Work with marketing companies and business owners to create effective multimedia marketing materials

3 years


Graphic Designer - Conversion Interactive Agency

• Designed advertisements and marketing materials for professional driver recruiting within the transportation industry
• Produced campaigns consistent across several media (print, online, social network, video, etc.) within client branding constraints
• Worked with writers, developers, art/creative directors and clients to collaboratively design materials

1 Year


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eMarketing Coordinator - LBMC

• Collaborated on the production of various printed marketing materials
• Maintained and updated company website on a daily basis
• Modified website templates and created mobile optimized site
• Produced Email Newsletters

2 Years


Graphic Designer - Resilient Furniture

• Designed Catalogs, Brochures, Print Advertising, Trade Show Displays, Postcard Mailers, and photographed products, as well as planned, Organized, and Oversaw company participation in trade shows
• Managed every stage of projects, from conception to production
• Worked with third party web developers in creation of one web site for new business branch (missionsmarketing.com) and overhaul of another outdated site (resilientfurniture.com)





Design & Development





TripPak Mobile Infographic


Montgomery Transport Billboard


Roehl Transport Poster


Resilient Furniture Catalog System




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